Last Child in the Woods?

Photo by Nicole Clark, taken on a camping trip at Sequoia National Park

My filmmaker friend, Nicole Clark, recently returned from a camping trip at Sequoia National Park. This is the message she sent:

What’s wrong with this picture?  The largest living thing on earth, 2200 yrs old, weighing as much as 7 blue whales and still the media wins??

This was taken in Sequoia National Park at the foot of General Sherman – the largest living thing on earth. Instead of being astounded this kid was memorized by media.  I barely managed to take this photo…I was stunned by this child’s complete disinterest in his surroundings.  He went on to play his game as his family finished the circuit at General Sherman.  There was a charming young forest ranger telling a colorful tale of General Sherman’s 2000 yr life.  I was pleased to see a handful of children listening intently but the feeling was quickly replaced with sadness when I came upon this little boy.

I applaud Camilla for her work in creating Mother Nature’s Child for our children, parents and educators. Clearly the need is great!”

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One Response to “Last Child in the Woods?”

  1. Linda says:

    Could this child be too overwhelmed at sitting at the foot of this giant tree?

    Could he feel intimidated by the size?

    There are questions I would ask and also watch his body language while talking with him.
    He could feel bullied or is such great awe of the size.
    Maturity has a lot to do with reaction also.
    Perhaps he will come back in a few years and show more glee when in front of it later in his life.
    There is more to this picture than a boy not looking at the giant tree with excitement.
    My psych and communication background kicked in when I saw this.