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"Raven" by Amelia Bethke


While Mother Nature’s Child is far from being a sexy or violent film, it does contain an abduction scene! To illustrate it, I turned to my niece Amelia Bethke and her twin passions for art and biology. Though just a few weeks from college graduation, Amelia found time to compose the four sketches we needed to illustrate the dramatic scene, movingly described by naturalist Jon Young. The simple sketches served as placeholders in the rough cut for the real art — which just arrived this week! 

Though I’ve enjoyed the evolution of Amelia’s creative expressions through her childhood, I’m awed now by the beauty of her mature artistry. Here is one of her four paintings for the film: a raven — fascinating fellow, both jokester and culprit in our drama. For anyone interested in Amelia’s work, you can email her at

And don’t forget, all you artists: the submission deadline for our DVD cover art and promotional materials is coming up!

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