For Children, Nature Inspires Imagination, Focus, Movement

Welcome to another chapter in our essays by children about what it means to be “mother nature’s child”. Edge Academy student Jackie Welch, 14, describes how being outside inspires her imaginative play:

“…when it’s time to go in I shudder to think that I have to go in and sit there watching this stupid TV. When I would rather go in the woods and create a fort that I’m the queen and the animals are my soldiers. The wind I hear and [the] sister of my fortress call me to my kingdom of mist.

I never leave this fortress unless it is very important. Even then I have to go and get the food.

When I have the power to bring the fort ashes I protect it from the evil doom of the monsters of mist. Then when I go to the fort I’m the ruler of the world. Well, in my head!”

In her essay entitled “Imagination”, Maya Bolger-Chen from Dothan Brook School elaborates, “Outside, my imagination is free and not trapped and stuffed inside the house. One of my favorite games is…FLOATING ON THE AMAZON RIVER! I bring a blanket out for the boat and set it on the hill in my backyard for the river. I imagine a feeding frenzy of piranhas coming after me. Two alligators swim around me, as I watch them slowly circle around my boat. I love the feeling of excitement and adventure and sit in my boat of happiness and imagine what I thought the rain forest might sound like…. Imaginary games are better outdoors. The fresh air seems to help me think better and create more games to play. It lets my imagination go free!”

Dothan Brook classmate Darby Williams concurs: Almost anything can happen outdoors. I like to play games like wizards or Greeks. Can’t playing wizards outside be as fun as playing video games inside? My imagination works differently outdoors. The space outdoors make the games more fun to play.”

Korrigan Allen from Dothan Brook School finds the outdoors promotes concentration: “I like to play with legos when it is hot outside. I feel like the fresh air give me more ideas for building different things. Inside the TV distracts me from thinking. …. I really like to play outdoors because it makes me feel more alive. The cool breeze in my face gives me more ides of things to do outside.”

Twelve year old Brandon Robertson from The Edge Academy emphasizes movement in his outdoor play. “I like being outside more than inside. I like being outside more because it’s a lot healthier because you can get fresh air and exercise. Also there are many more things to do. Inside, I usually play video games, watch TV, or spend time on the computer. None of these activities involves physical exercise. Outside however, I am constantly moving. I love to bounce on my trampoline, play basketball, go swimming in my pool, and play with my dog. On a hot day, swimming feels so good and refreshing, even though I might get attacked by mosquitoes. There’s so much to do outside like going on a walk, and playing with my friends. In the woods, I can find a lot of cool things, such as animal tracks, birds’ nests, and old rock walls that separate my property from my neighbor’s.”

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