“Watch and Listen”

More insights from children! Sixth grader Dana Burrington of The Pomfret School thinks of “mother nature’s child” in terms of understanding and observation:

“A peaceful breeze floats gently through a green forest. A nearby brook whispers a little song as it flows onward. At the river’s edge, a tiny yellow insect gently alights on a colorful flower. These are all gifts from Mother Nature. It takes a lot to be ‘Mother Nature’s Child’. You need kindness, compassion, and an understanding for all living things….

I love nature, but my favorite part of it is the forests. I love the quiet whispering of the wind in the trees. I like to sit in the pine trees and look out over the entire forest. It is a really beautiful sight….

The term ‘Mother Nature’s Child’ is also talking about someone who understands nature. This person has taken the time to observe nature and learn from nature, and knows how to listen to nature and see nature in a whole different way. There are a lot of things that nature can teach us. The trees can teach us to reach for our goals, and to grasp them and hold on tight. The rocks can teach us how to be patient, and remain still and listen to other around us.

When we say ‘Mother Nature’s Child”’, all of us imagine different things. Some people think of nature itself, others can relate to their own lives and how they have connected with nature in many different ways. But I think of a person who knows nature, and can understand what nature is trying to tell us, and see the beauty of nature all around us.”

Writes classmate Curran MacDonald: “If you go to the wild and watch and listen very carefully you will see nature’s spirits come out of hiding. When they come out they will sing and dance for joy that finally someone has remembered what nature really is. “

And Ray Kurek describes his family’s nature observations with relish:

“I experience nature everywhere I look. The place that I experience nature the most is at my house. At my house we have bird feeders that the birds and even chipmunks eat at. The bird feeders are close to our patio. When we sit there or when my dad is grilling outside we see nature. Once a chipmunk was on the bird feeder and a different chipmunk was on the other bird feeder about a foot away. As they were eating one turned and saw the other. Out of nowhere one of the chipmunks jumped off of his bird feeder and tackled the other chipmunk to the ground.

Last year we had five chipmunks living in our stone wall. Unfortunately this year we only have one. My family thinks that there is only one this year because we have been seeing a lot of predators around our stone wall. One day I walked downstairs from a long night sleep; as I walked past a window I noticed a rather large orange blob out of the corner of my eye. As I looked closer I noticed that it was a wild cat sitting on the top of the stone wall looking down on the stone wall. I figured that it was looking for the chipmunks….

Two weeks later when I was coming back home from school my mom got a call on her cell phone. It was my dad telling her that he was putting some chicken on the grill. When I got home my dad greeted me but not with the usual ‘Hi how was school?’ My dad bellowed ‘You wouldn’t believe what I saw while I was cooking. So I’m sitting there watching the chipmunks running around. I have back turned towards the house as usual but this time a red tailed hawk swoops in over the roof and dives at the chipmunk. He missed though but he still hit the stone wall hard so he was stunned. He lay there for maybe thirty second at the most and then flew away.’

As you now know, I experience nature every day.”

Over the next week, we will continue to share more selections from children’s essays about their relationships with nature.

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