Family Times in Nature

In our series of student essays, some children wrote about the fun of sharing nature experiences with family, many involving water.

Ashley DeMond from The Promfret School: The best experience I’ve had with nature is hiding in a place where small pines grow and spy on my dog or pay hide-n-seek with my sister and my dog. To some people nature is worth nothing. To others nature is the best gift on the whole planet.”

Fifteen year old Jacob Porter from The Edge Academy, describes his camp in the Northeast Kingdom:

“It is an awesome wooded cabin with moose horns hanging over my bed. I hear a lot of different things.  I hear frogs, loons, dogs, raccoons, owls, fish jumping out of the water, the snapping of branches, the sound of cracking leaves in the wind.  I also see lots of cool fish under the water when I go diving.  Another cool thing I have found is a tire underwater where a family of fish live in.  I love to jump off the bridge and swim.  Being in nature makes me feel truly happy.”

Kylee Beaucage from Dothan Brook wrote about tubing behind a boat on Lake Groton: “I am a member of The Flipped Club (TFC). Chase, Tim, Mom, Uncle Nick, Nauny, Nana, and Papa are in the club, just like me. To be a member of The Flipped Club you have to get thrown off the tube and land in the water….  At the end of the day we head back to the camp to have s’mores. We sit around the campfire and watch all the different colors dancing in the flames. We all share stories about our experiences on the tube.”

Like Dothan Brook student Michaela Ricker, water is a favorite natural element: “Sometimes when I’m swimming I like to look at nature. I float on my back and look at all the nature around me. Nature is so beautiful. I hear squirrels chattering an chasing each other. I see all those fresh green leaves that keep me cool with their shade….Swimming is alot of fun, a lot of exercise and you can see loads of nature. Swimming is the best thing in the world to me…. Swimming is my life.“

Classmate Kody Wessel describes a special approach to outdoor water play: …water balloons. It doesn’t get you wet fast but it sure is a lot of fun. It feels great to get fresh air instead of being trapped inside. Water balloon warriors are what we call ourselves… This is a game that we like to play because no one gets hurt.”

Bryan Kopf from The Pomfret School enjoys water at his “power spot”: “ The animals at my power spot are the birds that sing a beautiful song, the bugs in and out of the water, and sometimes a fish, chipmunk, or squirrel. The water at my power spot is amazing. There are two very beautiful waterfalls. When the water is low I take a rope swing to a little island in the middle of the stream. When the water is high I sit on a log or in a tree by the water and write in my journal.”

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