Progress Report

Many people have been contacting us recently to inquire about the film’s availability. We are in the final stages of post-production this week. It is very exciting to see the film entering these last technical phases — and most interesting to hear the responses from the guys working on sound mix and color correction, both of whom have children. Already, before it even leaves post-production, the film is generating the kind of conversations and inquiries that I had hoped for.

Next we write the study guide insert, have the DVD authored and sent off to be manufactured. The DVD cover has been designed using the exquisite artwork of Casey Blanchard, who responded to our “Call to Artists” last summer. I am thrilled with the piece she entered and will use it on both the DVD cover and poster. Please visit Casey’s website to learn more about her work.

Next week is our first screening at the New England Environmental Education Alliance annual conference at the Lake Morey Inn and Conference Center here in Vermont. Check it out on our “Events” section.

Be assured that we’ll let you know (here) when the DVDs are available!

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