Children: “Care for nature”

In our series of children’s essays about the meaning of “Mother Nature’s Child”,  several students at The Pomfret School mentioned environmental awareness. Ryan McLiverty describes what it means to be in touch with nature:

If you are Mother Nature’s Child to me that means that you are outside a lot and you love nature. Also I think this phrase means that you want to take care of nature in a harmless way. I can relate this phrase to three people in particular. The first is George Perkins Marsh. He loved nature, but also he dedicated most of his life to protecting it. When he was jut a young boy he got outside and learned much about nature.

Another person this reminds me of is Frederick Billings. When many of the trees in Vermont were being cut down he spent a lot of time making sure they were replanted.

Also the phrase “Mother Nature’s Child” reminds me of Laurence Rockefeller. Even though he was rich and his father had a monopoly over the oil companies, he used his wealth to protect the land. They now even have a national park named after them for what they have done for nature.

What else this phrase means to me is you don’t just go outside because you have to and it’s good for you. It’s because you want to and you care about nature. Also so you take note of everything around you. Like what March, Billings, and Rockefeller did. To me the phrase “Mother Nature’s Child” is very powerful and means you care for nature.”

Classmate Zack Brown Potter also wrote about caring for the environment:

“I think that nature is a wonderful thing and it does many things for the world…. For example the trees let us breath by giving us oxygen so that we can breathe and live. It also means that if it cares for you than you should do the same. For example you should not litter because that…could kill trees and make it so we can’t drink our fresh water….”

Haley Usilton focused on the great variation in natural environments:

“…I believe that everyone and every kind of animal lives under the care of Mother Nature. I also think that she provides all of us with a home or a compatible environment for us to live in. Whether we live on land or under water we all have homes we can go to….

…in different parts of the world there are different kinds of plants and animals and I believe that’s because mother nature has made all places different to fit all of our needs.”

Soon we will conclude our series of children’s essays by posting two exceptional entries.

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