Peter Forbes, Center for Whole Communities

Peter Forbes, co-founder and co-director of the Center for Whole Communities in Fayston, Vermont delivered a dynamic keynote address at the NEEEA conference for environmental educators last October. As soon as he finished speaking, he attended a screening of Mother Nature’s Child. Here is his response to the film: ” Mother Nature’s Child is among the most hopeful films I’ve seen in years. Many are making the case that we and our kids need more time in nature, but if that were easy or validated by today’s American culture we all would have done it.  To reconnect with the land and with one another might be medicine for what most ails our culture, but it’s also one of the hardest things to do today. Mother Nature’s Child is a beautiful, well-crafted act of storytelling that quietly and compellingly reveals exactly what’s possible when we and our kids find the ways to reconnect with nature, with one another, with the big ideas about what it means to be human. Watch this film; every parent and grandparent will be inspired;  every kid will rethink their summer plans. I got ideas for how to help my own children engage more deeply in this world.  I’m grateful to the creators of Mother Nature’s Child for challenging and guiding us and our kids toward deeper relationships with all that’s around us, and with each other.” -Peter Forbes, co founder and co director, Center for Whole Communities

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