Screening/Discussion at Shelburne Farms

Despite flooding of Lake Champlain, Shelburne Farms hosted two well-attended screenings of Mother Nature’s Child on May 18th. In the afternoon, forty-two children accompanied by Shelburne Farms staff set out for an adventure on the land while their parents watched the film. A few kids chose to stay and watch  – even toddlers were entranced seeing children like themselves on the screen. The evening screening for 200 took place in the magnificent Breeding Barn pictured here. Three stories high and as large as a cathedral, but with a dirt floor, the barn was perfect venue for the film. While it played, swallows, sparrows and other birds wheeled over our heads — and reacted in much agitation when they heard the section of the film with raven calls in the soundtrack!  The best part of the evening were the post-film discussion groups, a choice of ten topics, according to issues presented in the film. Brother Yusuf Burgess and Amy Beam, both featured experts in the film, served as group facilitators along with several other experts who led conversations. From the following list, viewers selected the subject that most interested them:

Early Childhood and Nature Mentoring

Parents: Fear and Risk

Urban and At Risk Youth


Child Health and Well-Being

Adolescence and Rites of Passage

What’s Possible in Schools

Biophilic Design


Wonder, Spirituality and Timelessness

Conversations continued over refreshments and an offering of books and resources. Much gratitude to Shelburne Farms for terrific organization of this event. The film could not be put to better use and we hope the effects of sharing and connection will continue to ripple out.

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