Ticks, poison ivy? Risks for kids…

While in production for Mother Nature’s Child, we interviewed parents, asking how they felt about things like outdoor risks for their kids or the educational style of their children’s school. Here’s a Washington, DC mother whose four year old son was enrolled in the preschool nature program we featured in the film. Outdoor educator Amy Beam takes the children out once a week to explore Rock Creek Park, get muddy, find animal tracks, ask questions, examine every new discovery. Do you agree with this mom’s perspective? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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One Response to “Ticks, poison ivy? Risks for kids…”

  1. Lori B. says:

    The rewards gained from a deeper relationship with nature far outweigh the risks. Children lucky enough to have these opportunities to learn in an outdoor setting will grow to be adults who appreciate nature and the joy of being outdoors. People who enjoy nature tend to be more active and healthy over the course of their entire lives. To me the fear of becoming sedentary, overweight, and deprived of the healing powers of nature is scarier than ticks or poison ivy. Parents want to do right by their kids, but sometimes what seems like the right “protective” choice might be unwittingly creating a bigger problem.