Clip: Nature & School

At every screening of Mother Nature’s Child, viewers respond that they would like teachers and school administrators to see the film and consider policy changes to include more outdoor learning, for both the superior understanding students gain and for their health and well-being. In this out-take from our footage, Misha Golfman, Director of Kroka Expeditions, is talking to parents whose teens have just completed a six month semester in the wilderness, recommending that children bring the insights and energy from their experience back to their schools when they return. Do the policies at your school support both the health and best learning for kids? Are you satisfied or might you advocate for change?

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2 Responses to “Clip: Nature & School”

  1. Robert Meehan says:

    As a kid, one of 10 in the house, Mom would send us out in the morning and we’d be at the lake, in the woods, playing ball. It’s sad to see so many kids with an idiot box in their hands. Ask ’em about what kind of plants and animals are in their area and they mostly don’t have a clue. Sad.

  2. admin says:

    Your experience matches that of so many of us in the days when our moms sent us out to play until and didn’t expect us back until dinner time. What freedom we had! Regarding the current infatuation with technology, I’ve seen clever teachers find ways to mix the use of technology with experiences in the field. As Richard Louv suggests, it might be time to develop a “hybrid” mind, spacious and open to nature and also able to focus and work onscreen. I guess we have to create a “both/and” scenario rather than “either/or”.