Meredith Little from the School of Lost Borders

Many years ago, when I first started studying the significant transitions in a human life, I came upon Meredith Little‘s work with her late husband, Steven Foster. Three decades ago they founded the School of Lost Borders, supporting adolescents in their passage from childhood to adulthood by taking them out to spend time alone in nature. After I completed Holding Our Own, I was pleased to learn that Meredith is now focusing her attention on the end of life passage. Though I have never met her, I have for a long time been drawn to the power of her work. Recently she viewed Mother Nature’s Child and generously shared this comment:

“This lovely documentary sets a standard in the field of child development, illuminating the vital and essential role of nature in the well-being and healthy growth of young people.  Without this context, the modern challenges of a complex world leave our species handicapped and inadequately prepared, as so well expressed in this film.”

– Meredith Little, School of Lost Borders

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