Two Winters Ago: Memorable Shoot

We included all the seasons in Mother Nature’s Child and wintry weather will now always remind me of our time covering Kroka Expedition‘s wildnerness ski/canoe semester. It was amazing to meet a group of teens who had skied all the way from Marlow, NH to Sterling College in northern Vermont as they prepared to head out on a five day unsupervised trip. They skied in small groups of three or four — except for the eldest student who went solo over the mountains — from Craftsbury, VT to NorthWoods Stewardship Center near the Canadian border. Our crew was most impressed with the training the kids had received and their joyful confidence navigating their way. Our section on adolescence in the film is very powerful and we are grateful to Misha Golfman for his open-hearted response to our many interviews — and to the students for sharing their semester process with us so willingly. Since we couldn’t be with them every day through their journey, we offered a Flip camera to one of the students, Daniela DeGuzman, who chronicled aspects of their spring canoe trip back to southern New Hampshire. (Some of her footage is included in the film.) And our crew relished the May shoot when we met up with the Kroka canoes on the Connecticut River. We all wished we could have had shared such an experience at that age!

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