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Now that we have become aware of how quickly our children are being cut off from nature, we need to find ways to motivate ourselves to help rebalance this picture. A little guidance from those parents who are finding creative ways to do this is very welcome. Recently we were introduced to a great blog by Kristen Laine who writes on AMC’s Great Kids, Great Outdoors site. Turns out that, in January, she attended the Hanover screening of Mother Nature’s Child and wrote about it — check out her post!  The mother of two, Kristen is always looking for fun ways for them to discover and enjoy the natural world. Without being at all heavy-handed, she’s a wonderful inspiration for those of us who need a little push. Contemporary parenting involves issues that didn’t exist a generation or two ago. No one has all the answers but, by communicating with each other and sharing our efforts and questions, we might develop a path toward balance and health for our children. Kristen offers welcome advice,  honesty about the hurdles, and encouraging moments of parental joy.

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