Clip: Amy Beam on Hazards

Amy Beam, an early childhood educator who brings her Beyond the Walls program into Washington, DC schools, is featured in Mother Nature’s Child.  She works with pre-school children using skills from the Art of Mentoring program with Jon Young (another of our experts in the film). While we didn’t include this clip about hazards in the film, it is an important issue for adults mentoring children in nature. Amy talked about educating oneself first about local hazards before taking children out on the land and how empowering it is for children to know what to look for rather than being constantly warned “Look out!”  They gain a great deal of self-confidence and are ultimately safer when they learn to recognize the dangers themselves. Come meet Amy at our May 18th screening at Shelburne Farms! There will be several post-film discussion groups and she will lead one on Early Childhood and Nature Mentoring.

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