MNC Broadcasts in 2012!

In January 2012, NETA (National Educational Telecommunications Association) will offer Mother Nature’s Child to public television stations across the nation. Look for it in your area. Better yet, contact your local public television station to request it!

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2 Responses to “MNC Broadcasts in 2012!”

  1. laura says:

    Was that neighborhood watch sign from ocean beach/san Diego ca? Pretty sure that’s my old house! (I moved from there a few months ago). Anyways great documentary!! I worry about today’s children & teenagers after babysitting so many of them when I was in highschool…yes I made mudpies! But they don’t :(


  2. admin says:

    Good eye, Laura! Yes, our footage for that sign was from the Ocean Beach area. In terms of worrying about the children, I’m finding I also have to attend to my own connection to nature. It’s so easy these days to be distracted by our screens. But when I find ways to notice and respond to everything going on outside my door, the more alive and more grateful I feel — and luckily, this can be contagious! Although it seems that kids have lost this important connection, it’s just waiting to be awakened. The trick is discovering the best and most fun ways to do that!

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