“The Outside Story” from Northern Woodlands

We’d like to let all you parents and educators know about “The Outside Story”, a wonderful column you can access online or receive by email from Northern Woodlands, a non-profit educational organization in Corinth, Vermont. Funded by a grant from the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, authors are contracted by Northern Woodlands to write weekly natural science columns, accompanied by artist illustrations, that appear in a variety of newspapers, on the Northern Woodlands website, and via two bi-weekly e-newsletters. Educators love these offerings as a stimulus for their teaching — and 72 of the best articles have been published in The Outside Story book. Everyone we know who subscribes to Northern Woodlands magazine declares it to be the only publication they read cover to cover. One issue each season, written by experts in a style we neophyte naturalists can understand, keeps us tuned in to what’s happening in the landscape. And the e-newsletters are convenient reminders to go out to discover (with children!) the surprises offered by each season.



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