2012 Kroka Vermont Semester

Every year since we first met (and filmed!) Misha Golfman and the crew from Kroka Expeditions in 2009, we inwardly rejoice to hear that a new group of students have begun their journey north on the Vermont Semester ski and canoe adventure. The group is organized so that every student has a specific job and they switch throughout the trip so everyone gets to learn different skills. One of the jobs we especially appreciate is that of the “scribe” who sends wonderful updates describing the myriad joys and difficulties along the way.

Here’s a photo of the group — including Misha, Lynne, Lisl and other instructors — and an excerpt from Everett, one of this year’s students, sent from the trail: “To be strong is not only to be strong in body but in spirit and in mind. To be strong is not to be unwavering but to be flexible and balanced and allowing. When you’re crossing a great mass of gurgling, cracking frozen ice and your limbs are sore and body tired but your mind pushes itself forward being the only thing left holding the myriad of the other parts together. When you’re struggling up a hill with a heavy pack on your back, sliding down as much as you are going up. Falling and pulling yourself up again and laughing and joking and singing and encouraging those behind you. That is strength, to be cheerful and always present in your mind no matter the difficulties.”

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