Clip: Kellert on Risk

After a screening of Mother Nature’s Child, one of the main topics of conversation has to do with the risk associated with letting our children out in nature. Parents are more fearful than in past generations and want their children to be protected from all potential mishaps. They often feel their kids are safer inside watching TV than outside running around and exploring. In this clip, Stephen Kellert from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies talks about children developing resilience by engaging nature in all its power and unpredictability. How do you feel about what he says?

One Response to “Clip: Kellert on Risk”

  1. Cassie says:

    I feel that few people disagree with children needing some time to take risks and getting outdoors more. Many parents just don’t want their children to experience something totally life or emotionally threatening to their whole being. And if something were to happen, most likely these parents would be to blame where in the past we lived in a society that didn’t always link children’s mistakes to inadequate adult supervision. I think people and communities who lived closer to nature in the past had more knowlege of nature to begin with. What I feel isn’t readily available to all are natural experts in the community and teaching methods to help children learn to love the outdoors and also be safe. I do not feel equipped to teach my children all about nature’s dangers myself having grown up in suburbia. I plan on signing them up for nature camps, but I still worry about potential dangers and whether their teachers will really address this or just focus on how fun being in nature is. And also I’m so tired of having nature activities compared to watching TV or playing video games. Honestly there are other things kids are doing besides being in nature or watching TV.

Your thoughts?

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