Nature Connection and Regenerative Leadership

We are very excited about this new educational opportunity!  Check it out and share with friends and associates. This summer, UVM, 8 Shields Institute, and Shelburne Farms are partnering to offer a new program/course called Nature Connection and Regenerative Leadership.

This program will take participants on an experiential journey; exploring practices, principles, and core routines that foster deep and long-lasting relationships and connections to nature and place.  We will also explore leadership practices for creating change in our own communities, organizations, fields, and regions.  The centerpiece of this course is a 6-day residential immersion experience at Shelburne Farms (July 8-13) hosted and facilitated by partners from UVM and the 8 Shields Network.  The course can be taken for credit through UVM or non-credit via 8 Shields.  Work trade positions are also available.

Facilitators include Lauren Dalberth, Matt Kolan, Kaylynn TwoTrees, Jon Young, and many others from around the country.  For more information:

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One Response to “Nature Connection and Regenerative Leadership”

  1. Mark Beatham says:

    Great idea! I would love to be a part of this. I teach future teachers and I am hungry for more ways to help make this connection. Please let me know when this comes together. I would also love to help (I’m across the lake, in Plattsburgh, NY).


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