Daycare Center Responds to MNC

Recently, Williston Enrichment Center — the daycare attended by MNC director Camilla Rockwell‘s nine month old grandson — held a screening of the film’s preschool section for their staff. The next day WEC director Kara von Behren emailed us share their response: “The preschool teachers were so motivated that they took their class out on a nature walk and spent about an hour and a half climbing over trees, falling into the mud, and sliding down huge dirt mountains out back. The kids absolutely loved it (even the ones who fell in the mud who had initial panic and horror…)!  There wasn’t a single behavioral concern, no fights or meltdowns while out on the walk. Given that we have a few children for whom we have sought outside help from various professionals for behavior issues, impulse control, self-regulation, and so forth, that is an amazing and wonderful change. Thank you for the motivation – we are already renewing our focus and working to build these principles into our day even more.” 

WEC‘s adventure continued this week! “The preschool class now does “Explorer Day” every Friday,” says von Behren, “and the kids had even more fun the second time around. One child who is typically a behavior problem for us asked why we couldn’t do Explorer Day on Mondays and Fridays!  They love it!  Thanks for giving us this inspiration!”

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